The Flagler Memorial Bascule (moveable span) Bridge Replacement Design/Build Project consists of complete replacement of the existing bridge with a new four-lane divided bridge. The new bridge includes two 12-foot wide travel lanes in each direction, an eight-foot wide shoulder on each side, and a 15.5-foot median. There will also be an eight-foot wide sidewalk on each side. Pedestrian traffic will be separated by permanent concrete barrier walls.

The new bridge will be supported by drilled and poured concrete shafts. This method of construction will minimize noise impacts that result from traditional driven-pile foundations. Other related improvements include new storm water drainage, new signage and pavement markings, and new traffic signals.

The new bridge will also feature four pedestrian outlooks and a new tender house, decorative roadway lighting, and LED lighting beneath the bridge. The vertical clearance will be increased to 21 feet under the bridge and the navigable-channel width will be increased to 125 feet. There will be fewer piers which will be spaced farther apart. New landscaping will be installed on both sides of the bridge.

During this project, the existing bridge overpass at Flagler Drive will be permanently eliminated and replaced with a new at-grade signalized intersection. Reconstruction of portions of Flagler Drive from 4th Street to north of 7th Street will also be necessary to accommodate the new proposed intersection.